More than just pretty pictures,
our goal is to help you get the best results. 

Kuna Films is a dedicated and reliable production company based in London.

We work with brands and corporations across the globe, producing content and helping to get you the very best results and making sure everything is in place for your video experience to be a success.

No matter what the project is we always approach every job with the same passion and dedicated work drive.

The Strategy


See what level you are at with your videos and what level you would like to be.


Our Big 4 Questions

With these questions we are able to help you create the best results and eliminate the risks for your projecy.


From the scorecard and Big 4 questions, we then put together the best ideas for your video content.


Creative Treatment

We develop the idea for you and put this into a video treatment layout doc which you get given access too.

Video Production


Video Brief

Once you have signed off on the idea we put together a brief so that everything is well structured and planned for the day of filming


Filming your compelling video content we our highly trained crew.

Post Production

Bringing your videos to life with our creative and efficient editing.


Client Review

Uploading the videos to our review system for you to give us feedback. We then make sure your videos are 100% perfect for you.


Video Sign off

When you are fully happy we then send you the full HD files.


Campaign discussion

We aren’t done with you just yet; we then arrange a conference call to go over your video campaign.

Video analytics check up call

60-90 days after your videos have gone live we then arrange a meetup or call with yourself and team to go over the results and video analytics.

How We’ve Helped Our Clients

Some of the companies we do work for include:

Oliver Gold

Creative Director

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Oliver is the Creative Director of Kuna Films with over 7 years experience in video production. He has been involved in projects for world-renowned brands and global corporations. Over that time he has gained experience in knowing how content works and how it can be best suited for each company we are doing projects for. Oliver is extremely focused on how to get the best results for our clients and achieves this with our onboarding system which is tailored to help our clients as much as possible in understanding what they most want to gain from their video content. 

Michael J Diamond

Producer & Editor

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Michael has always been at his happiest when developing characters, stories, and ideas. After leaving school, he soon realised that there wasn’t anything he wanted to do more than make films – so he decided to stick with it.

His favorite projects are anything real with a story behind it. When not working Michael enjoys being inspired by anything which gets his creativity flowing as it keeps him ticking over in his spare time. 

Elvis Shabani

Producer & Camera Operator

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Elvis really enjoys filming high-quality content for both broadcast and online.  With every project, he aims to inject creativity, style and always looks bring something new to the table. His favorite projects are ones which include traveling and filming new locations around the world. 


Aryajit Heppell

Motion Graphics

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Aryajit got into motion graphics because he likes being creative and dreaming stuff up. His favorite projects to work on are ones where he gets to challenge himself and learn something new. When not working on creating awesome graphics he enjoys spending time with his kids, playing the piano, eating chocolate buttons.

If you’re looking for tools to help you improve on your video marketing then use our video content growth Scorecard to help you clarify your vision and create the strategy you need to make it happen.


Kuna Films

Kuna Films

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