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Our straightforward, refined workflows starts with your vision. We plot the course backwards from your desired end goals.

Producing high-quality video content to bring shine to your brand is the easy part. Our equipment and technique sit at the bleeding edge of industry technology, and the Kuna team are experienced enough to get the most from their top-end gear.

We focus on making your video stand out and drill down on the aspects that will generate more traction and revenue for your brand.

You set the targets. We mitigate the risks and possible obstacles before we start. The creative minds at Kuna conceptualize and storyboard the best ideas and creative solutions.

This process maximises the impact of your video content. The end result the connection of your newly-bolstered marketing strategies with potential clients in lasting and powerful ways.


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    Oliver Gold

    Owner and Director

    Oliver birthed Kuna Films in 2017. We’re all about representing journeys, so it’s apt that the name came about while on safari in the Serengeti.

    It comes from the famous expression – Hakuna Matata. It means “no worries” (for the rest of your days, obviously), and it sums up Oliver’s approach to collaboration in a nutshell.

    We always enjoy going above and beyond while making sure that the process is enjoyable, satisfying, and reliable. We feel comfortable about your videos because we work hard and know what we’re doing.

    You should feel relaxed about leaving your brand in our hands.
    No worries.

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    Byrone Ralph

    Head of Motion Graphics

    Byrone is our driving force for making the impossible possible for your film. He is our go-to guy when it comes to bespoke 3D animations. He’s wise, strategic, packs a heap of artistic talent, and has many, many years of experience.

    He is great technical problem solver with a brain that oozes creative concepts for animation. Byrone has spent the last 10 years beavering away in animation studios, living on crisps and coffee, and rubbing sleep from his eyes so that your business doesn’t have to.

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    Michael Diamond


    Michael grew up surrounded by different cultures and, as result, cultivated a deep passion for storytelling and a wide range of tools for conveying powerful tales in his unique way.

    He’s been the grease on the gears of several projects with us for leading brands across Europe and the Middle East.

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    Stefano Perugini

    Camera Operator and Editor

    Stefano specialises in creating beautiful, branded content and is the brains, hands, and eyes behind a wildly versatile promotional filmography.

    He possesses exceptional attention to detail and can use his abundant creativity and flexibility to keep your approach to content nimble and flexible.

    Whether its live events, testimonials, interviews, or capturing your product or service in the best light, Stefano frames it perfectly every time.

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    Paul Gregory

    Director of Photography and Editor

    Paul has a decade’s worth of experience as a DOP and editor, specialising in promotional content, documentary, and broadcast journalism.

    No matter the scale, Paul always takes great pride in a project. This pride and passion leads to exceptional, quality-driven results with every project.

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    George Watts

    Sound Recordist

    George is an endless well of knowledge and experience in all sectors of sound recording and design. He’s made commercials, branded content, features, promos, BTS, documentary, corporate and educational materials sound and feel better.

    Crystalline sound and audio production is another basic requirement of quality video content that removes any interference with your brand’s message. You’ll be heard loud and clear.


We uphold our work to a number of standards that underpin everything we’ve ever done and will do.



Working with external creators shouldn’t be a drag. We make sure you enjoy the process of building with us, as well as the final piece.



We work hard and fast to get your project to you before your deadline.



Our approach is always on of directness and upfront information. While our capabilities are always expanding, you’ll always know what we can do before we do it, and you won’t get stung with unexpected fees and costs.



Our crew always arrives early to allow as much time as possible for setting up the day’s work.

In short, we’ll get it done painlessly, flawlessly, and speedily.

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