Your Brand Needs An Animated Video Your Audience Can Relate To

Animated videos are engaging, memorable and have an emotional edge

Animated Video Production Services London

Animated video is an eye-catching and versatile marketing tool. If you want a polished animated video service with a professional output, then the story stage of your project is crucial. When our video animation agency fully understands the message that needs to be conveyed through graphic storytelling.

A script is the foundation of any good motion graphics animation service worth its salt. A good script should be carefully written and edited to tell an engaging story, while also incorporating your company’s messages subtly throughout. It takes a lot of experience and skill to craft short scripts that are both compelling for viewers as well as present clear messaging without being too overt or distracting from the visuals themselves. The expert storytellers at our animation company in London make the right decisions about how visuals complement words and what kind of story you want your audience to experience first before any corporate messaging can be weaved in. When you get this part right through our effective animation production services, your message will be all that much stronger because people are engaged with both audio and visual cues which means they retain messages better.

Brings your marketing to life, with the only restriction being the imagination of the creator and the strength of the brand message.

In more physically distanced times, some animation video companies are finding it difficult to get live footage off the ground. We’d never let that stop us doing what we love.

We can bring motion to your video content without even turning on a camera. The team really enjoy composing vibrant animations at our in-house studio.

Our cutting-edge animation team boasts the following technique and abilities

2D Animation

3D Animation




Motion Design

Animation Showreel


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Animation and video production are both forms of media that can be used to tell a story. Animation is created through drawing or modelling, while video production involves filming real-life events. Video production also uses shots and camera angles to create an emotion in the audience, whereas animation does not have this limitation.

Yes. Our equipment and technique sit at the bleeding edge of industry technology, and the Kuna team are experienced enough to get the most from their top-end gear.

Reach out to us so we can schedule a brief call to understand your needs. After the call, we’ll send you a brief for your approval. Once done, we will get right into working on your video.

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