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“​You ​shall​ go to the ball.” – The Fairy Godmother, Cinderella”

Event Video Production Services London

They are the flagship of your business, where sales change hands and your whole corporate identity is on show for others. So why shouldn’t it look the part?

When your partners, clients and prospects are in the room with you, you’ll want to capture the meticulous planning and ample energy that goes into setting up a conference or event. It’s yet another feather in your company’s cap.

Kuna films can capture the atmosphere and scale of your event perfectly. Events are huge investments that need to make an immediate, powerful impact. Our event video services make sure that those outside the conference centre also feel that impact through a powerful streaming platform that can reach every corner of your operation remotely.

The followers on your social media channels and your prospective clients need to know just how slick and polished your events are. Regular Kuna content will help draw them into the powerful momentum events can generate.




We can capture the atmosphere and scale of your event perfectly. It is our privilege to offer innovative solutions in the field of branding and business promotion.

Yes. At Kuna Films, we have been leveraging the power of motion graphics for a multitude of products, services, audiences and businesses in the market. We create compelling motion graphics videos for your products, events, case studies, branded content and so much more.

Our time frame depends on various factors such as the length, type and complexity of your project.

Let us know about your event, and we’ll work out how to capture it forever

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