Working with great clients

Quantex approached Kuna Films about having a series of videos for their “The Eco Freedom Sprayer” They were looking for a fresh approach to help showcase how amazing and environmentally friendly their product was.

In our production meeting, we helped Quantex by coming up with creative and technical approaches on how we can best achieve this.

Kuna Films advised them on having different story concepts so that their content would be more targeted and directed to each company watching so that the video would not come across as generic.

Quantex also wanted to show some CAD rendering sequences, with this we took their files and imported them into Cinema 4D, by adding lighting, texture and animated camera angles and doing high res render using Octane software we were able to create a real-life CGI look and feel for them.

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Our Client Feedback

Very happy to sing Kuna Films’ praises! We’ve created loads of videos so far and Oliver and the team have been very easy to work with, professional and we’ve been very pleased with the results.