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Branded Content Production Company London

As a branded content production company in London, we specialise in all areas of digital content production and we have noticed that brand content production is still a subject that can be unclear to many people and businesses. Simply, branded content video services are a way of engaging with your audience without shoving your brand or your product in their faces. In today’s digital content world, the audience has become detached from traditional methods of selling and are now a lot more demanding of brands.

Struggling to engage with your audience in London? Customers need agencies to create video experiences that connect with their audience. As a leading branded content production company in London, we curate branded content that will help you engage the audience. At Kuna Films, we produce creative video content that your customers will want to see and share.

What is branded content video?

A branded content video typically represents your brand and often reflects the current issues. It is a great way to reinforce your brand message and engage with your customers on an interactive level. Whether we are creating a bespoke video complimenting a TV campaign or social video campaign with digital video assets. We at Kuna Films will create a content marketing strategy that builds a consistent brand experience for your target audience. This strategy will always extend your reach and offer better brand engagement.

Your content must be relevant to your audience and the target market is vital in a branded content campaign. A viewer interacting with this branded video content should be either seeing something ground-breaking or learning something new.

Unlike traditional TV advertising, the branded video services are not designed to sell a product or service directly. The best type of branded content conveys a message with original and fun programming that tells a story. Kuna Films will create a video to capture the viewer’s emotions and attention.

One of the great ways to connect with an audience is by telling personal stories. These personal stories can connect a brand to the viewer using content that touches hearts and minds. The branded content will be seen in a social content stream, giving the viewer original content or teaching them something can be a great way to hold attention. Branded content campaigns have exceptional longevity.

High-End Branded Video Content Agency In London

A high quality branded content video production needs to take a lot of things into consideration to be truly effective. The video must address the needs of your customers, appealing to those who are not yet familiar with the brand, while being as honest about your services and values as possible. It should be informative, entertaining and engaging bringing together colour, text and music to explain everything that makes your brand stand out.

Why Choose Kuna Films?

Kuna Films is on a mission to make your brand stand out and drill down on the aspects that will generate more revenue and traction for your brand. We will help you understand the unique way to communicate your message with video and strategy that will hit the mark. Get in touch with our branded video content agency now and we’ll be happy to help with services ranging from 2D animation, 3D animation, CAD, character animation, infographics and motion design.

When Kuna Films started out in 2017, we wanted to work with a range of different clients including startups, small brands, large corporations and we believe we have achieved that by investing in expert animators who care about their work.

Here’s why you should choose Kuna Films:

  • We make sure you enjoy the process of building with us, as well as the final piece.
    Our approach is always one of directness and upfront information. While our capabilities are always expanding, you’ll always know what we can do before we do it, and you won’t get stung with unexpected fees and costs.
  • We work hard and fast to get your project to you before your deadline.
  • Our crew always arrives early to allow as much time as possible for setting up the day’s work.

No matter what techniques we use or how complex it will be, we at Kuna Films always follow the same series of steps to make our videos.

Our cutting-edge animation team boasts the following technique and abilities

2D Animation

3D Animation




Motion Design

Animation Showreel


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